Salt Lake City Airport Guide to Salt Lake Airport - SLC


At Salt Lake City Airport there are a lot of restaurants, cafés, bars and shops with local and international products and brands. They are distributed along both terminals and concourses and passengers can buy what they want or what they need during their opening hours.


Besides food, beverages and shops, and other basic services such as free Wi-Fi connection, shoe shine and Express Spa, at Salt Lake Airport (SLC) there are available the following services for all passengers:


Airport lounges

Salt Lake City Airport counts with a single VIP lounge:

The Sky Club: Location: Between Concourse C and Concourse D.


Animal Relief Stations

At SLC Airport there are several animal relief stations.


Outside security:

- Across Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

- Between Terminal 2 and the International Terminal.

Within security:

- Concourse F, outside Gate F13

- Concourse E, outside Gate E1

Please note that those stations are grassy and equipped with waste stations and space to exercise.


ATMs and cash machines

Find plenty of ATMs and cash machines in both lobbies of Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and the International Terminal.

Bank branches: US Bank, FSV, Fastbank, Plus EBT, StarP, NyceP, Star, Nyce, Pulse, Euroonet Cirrus, Intl, CirrusP, Plus, Cirrus, Shazam.


Art Collection

At SLC Airport is also displayed an Art Collection. Passengers can enjoy the art exhibitions during their stay at Salt Lake Airport.

Location: Find it in both terminals 1 and 2.


Business Centres

A couple of Business Centres are at passengers’ disposal at Salt Lake City Airport:


- Terminal 1

- Terminal 2


Charging Devices

Along SLC Airport Terminals there are power outlets to charge your electronic devices.

Please note that they are also available in the connector between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.


Currency exchange

Travelex is the main currency exchange operator at SLC Airport.

Location: Find Travelex kiosk at Concourse D, close to boarding gate D2.

Service hours: Daily, from 07:30 am to 09:00 pm.

For further information, please visit Travelex website.


Information assistance

There can be found information desks across SLC Airport available to all passengers who may require information about the Airport.

Location: Across baggage claim areas in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Available 24h.

Contact: 801-575-2400 /


Lost & found

For lost items within Salt Lake City Airport terminals, please contact with the Airport lost & found office.

Location: Mezzanine of Terminal 1.

Service hours: Mon-Fri, from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.

Contact: +1 801-575-2427.

For lost items onboard, please contact your airline.


Mail drop boxes

Both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 have mail drop boxes once cleared security.


- Terminal 1: Top of Concourse G.

- Terminal 2: Connector between Concourse C and D.


Mother’s room

At Salt Lake City Airport, infant car and lactation rooms are provided to feed babies in a quiet place.


- Lactation Room: Adjacent to women’s restrooms in Terminal 2, Concourses D and E.

- Private lactation rooms: Concourse G and Concourses F and C connector.


Restrooms for kids

At Salt Lake City Airport passengers have at their disposal restrooms for the little travellers.


- Terminal 1: Concourse F.

- Terminal 2: Concourse C (gate C1)

- Consourse D: Upper level, D1 and D6

- Concourse E: Gate E60.


Skycap Bag Service Curbside Check-in

This service is available on the curbs in front of the terminals for Alaska, Delta (inside parking garage), Southwest Airlines and United.


Smoking areas

Smoking is permitted at designated areas facing SLC Airport Terminals.


Wheelchair service

Wheelchair service is available at SLC Airport.

We ought passengers to request it within 48 hours prior their arrival.

Contact: 801-647-5159 (service arranged).

Other phone numbers: 801-575-2400 / 801-647-5159