Salt Lake City Airport Terminals

At Salt Lake airport there are three Terminals: 1, 2 and the International. In total, the airport has 5 concourses (A to E). All concourses are connected at post-security. It is planned to replace current terminals with a new integrated terminal.


Terminal 1

- Concourse A: it has gates from A1 to A8.

- Concourse B: it has gates from B1 to B9.

It is used by all airlines except: Delta Air Lines, KLM and SkyWest Airlines.


Terminal 2

- Concourse C: it has gates from C1 to C13.

Delta Air Lines, KLM and SkyWest Airlines operate from Terminal Two


International Terminal (IAB)

It is used by chartered flights and houses U.S. Customs as well.

- Concourse D: it has gates from D1 to D13.

- Concourse E: it has gates E1, E5, E9, E11, E13, from E15 to E24, from E60 to E83.